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EcoAlert - justice & accountability ® ,

Because Justice & accountability matter for all of us.  

Our Mission is justice & accountability.
 Planning and Focus for Protecting People and the Earth

     EcoAlert uses several different sites with different content for information about disasters and what to expect and local action.   This is our site for training and services and for media contact. Links are available on the bar to the right.    

     We don't use petitions or demands for action from government employees because we know who they are really working for.  Instead, our strategy is to put local people in charge.  The closer danger comes to our own homes the more alert we become.
        Therefore, our curriculum includes every aspect of monitoring, including a campaign to obtain local monitors, log the data, and ensure the entire community is aware of the nasty facts about the impact of petroleum pollution. 
         Focus is enforcing accountability for Big Oil, just like for anyone else. 

        Go to Community Training for more Information and to view our crowdfunder.  

For Victims:

Our practice focuses on exacting accountability for the damages done to the victims of toxic disasters.  

If you have been through the steps used by the industries for evading accountability in the name of profits we are your best hope for coming out whole.  

We provide what is needed. Keep in mind there is a clock ticking and getting the evidence best starts immediately. Contact us if there is no Intervention Team locally organized in your area.  If you are unsure, go to Local Action and see if there is a local Team listed.  

For Activists:

We will show you what needs to be done to organize locally to protect your community, the land, air and water surrounding you and, always most important, people.    

Protests, raising money which is spent mostly on salaries, and settling for pennies are not victory.  Victory is being made whole and having the precedent change our energy technology and the future of the world and for humanity.   

Get the facts, understand what you and your community are facing. Disaster Facts 

Justice for the Earth includes:  

         Remediation which removes the toxic materials in situ.   
         Forcing Big Oil, by making them financially accountable, to replace its deteriorating infrastructure with materials and technology which will last and end the problems with maintenance forever. 
         Restoring the health of victims as we heal the Earth.  And, yes, this is all possible. 
Were You Poisoned?

Eco Knows - So Can You!
More EcoAlert Resources

Local Action
    Big Oil has been using deceit and corrupt business practices for generations.  The only effective way to stop this is through local action which returns control directly to people at the community level.  This is what our tools are designed to do.   
        How to organize locally to protect your community is the beginning of real local action.  

Disaster Facts
    This site provides the facts and documentation along with the human stories, which are heart-rending.  

ACP Vision & Action

This is our newsletter on which we repost articles which are significant, our own updates, and information on how to make activism sustainable.  If you are an activist you know how easy it is to run out of money working for your passion.   

Agents Green

Make a difference while making a living.  It can be done.

Book Store
EcoAlert brings you a compilation of the best resources on the Web, some from government, others from public interest organizations.  
        These are listed here.

Forest Ethics - Bomb Trains 

ToxMap & ToxTown -  U.S. National Library of Medicine

National Pipeline Mapping System - Dept of Transportation

U. S. Coast Guard National Response Center- U. S. Coast Guard

Emergency 2013 – Deep Silver USA - Game based simulation 

​National Geographic - Superfund sites 

​Red Cross Emergencies For multiple kinds

​EcoWatch - Articles