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Training & Services - Online Classes or in your community
​About Intervention Training

The course provides detailed information so the problems which immediately, and later, confront those impacted can be handled by members of your local group. You can decide to do local fundraising to support this effort, which we recommend. You can organize through a local group, an affiliate with a national group, or do your own free standing local Intervention Team.

We are strong believers in local solutions.

You will be provided with training and detailed instructions for each part of the Intervention. Strongly consider having an organizing team overseeing each part laid out in the list below.

After Training is completed you should organize regular drills which are not announced in advance. This is a strong test for readiness. Also plan to meet every two months, or more frequently for updates, training additional volunteers and refreshing those already trained. All members of your group will be receiving articles and other information on developments which could impact what you are doing locally, keyed to the job they are doing if or when a disaster occurs.

Yes, there are written training materials. Getting together to review training and discuss what is happening is pivotal to keeping the group together as a whole.

Options for training are Online and In Person.

Online charge is $200.00 for everyone involved in our group. In person is $500 plus expenses.