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Our Team
Our Team are members of our group who are actively working on this project.  

We are long time, committed activists practicing sustainable activism.  This means we find ways to support ourselves through our activism which is entirely focused on achieving our stated goals.  No action is successful unless we move the ball forward.  Paying salaries is entirely secondary for us.  

Instead of having permanent team members we operate by calling on specialists as needed. In this was we keep the focus on our clients needs and not on paying salaries when there is nothing needed for that specialty.  

We make it a practice to introduce you to the team who will be handling your case so that you will know who to call if you have a question.   

Keeping it simple saves money.  

Dave Lincoln 
      Director of Training and Research 

      Dave's Statement of Purpose, Academic Qualifications, and more.  

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Melinda Pillsbury-Foster 
​      Coordinating Partner

      Melinda's Statement of Purpose 

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Brock d'Avignon
       Political Liaison 


Chris Boehr
     Chief of Computer Technology

​ Resume

Jerry Day  
    Media and Animation  

         Jerry's Mission
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