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Encouraging Direct Action
        In 2011 Dave Lincoln addressed the United Nations to recommend a committee be established to deal with the wrong-doings of Multinational Corporations.  His speech was received with cheers and applause but nothing happened.  We are now launching a petition to accomplish the establishment of the Multinational Corporation Oversight Panel (MCOP).        

       Never has the need been more obvious or pressing. 

       Hope us circulate the petition and read Dave's speech, reproduced below.

    Speech, delivered at the United Nations by David Lincoln, spring 2011 at the yearly event for the Earth Society.  Regrettably, no further action was taken at that time but today the need is even more pressing.  

Sign and Circulate the Petition
Petition Launches on Earth Day at the UN March 20th 

​Call for Oversight, Justice and Corporate Accountability
by Dave Lincoln

The Earth is in a battle for its survival that it must win. It is not a war with the indigenous peoples of the Amazon or the artisanal fishermen of the oceans. It is a war being fought against multinational corporations who would exploit all of the planet's resources for greed and profit.  

The Earth is running out of weapons and defenses to fight this scourge, so it is up to use and the Earth Society, to provide the ultimate defense for the final assault.  

We all know that corporatization must eventually be controlled by local communities. It must be resisted by countries dwarfed by corporate profits which allow them to buy and sell political influence as easily as they market their products. Up to now there has been no defense against these excesses.  

That is going to begin to change today. 

The Earth Society is calling for the UN establishment of the Multinational Corporatization Oversight Panel (MCOP) to rein in the seemingly infinite reach of these multinationals over our water, our land and the very air we breathe. Only the UN can empower citizens to protect their rights to a clean environment and a healthy life. Only the UN can stand up to the corporatocracy and say, “Enough.” 

With your help and commitment to this mission we can make it happen. We can tell corporate leaders that they have had more than their fair share and it is time to leave some for the rest of humanity and our descendants.

Now is the time to take a stand, to draw a line in the sand and to prevent this insanity from going any further. As we come away from this Equinox event, I hope that each of you will plant this seed in your own communities, water it while you can still have access to pure water and watch it grow and spread throughout the land.  

The truth is that the only thing that multinationals have ever feared is the voice of millions of people saying, “NO, you can't have that and we will be watching you to make sure that your activities are not doing harm to our Mother Earth.”