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Services EcoAlert Provides 

​Our Director for Research, Dave Lincoln, is a leading expert on Big Oil.  Over the last years, dissatisfied with the steady deterioration of oil infrastructure and the rise in the number of disasters, we dug in and looked at the reasons the efforts of so many dedicated people were failing.  Step by step, we identified these problems and designed solutions.  

We have launched Phase Two of our long term plan for empowering communities to monitor for pollution themselves, build records for litigation, understand the function of reinsurance for enforcing responsible behavior by the oil industry, and monitoring the health of community residents.  

Curriculum for teenagers is mow being written to ensure young people, who will inherit these problems, are informed and ready for action.  Curriculum for the Environment will be available to all schools through programs run locally by public and charter schools, private, schools, academies, community colleges and also for home schoolers.  

This provides a transition to increased local understanding and empowerment.  Additionally, we determined the present system of regulation through government has failed to provide stability and security, allowing irresponsible business practices on the part of big corporations.  


To alleviate this problem we have begun offering services to the Reinsurance Industry.  Reinsurance companies, which are wholesalers for spreading risk, assess the potential for damages in areas not presently covered by retail, local insurance companies.  These issues include the potential for damage of all kinds due to spills, explosions, and other events caused by the petroleum industry.  

Through use of our App, EcoEmergency Alert, and through our extensive research on both man-made and natural disasters, we assist the Reinsurance Industry by assessing risks they have not yet accounted for.  Contact Us Regarding a Consultation

Our Approach

Dave is a certified expert witness who can provide the facts in court.  We are interviewing other people with the experience and credentials to provide these desperately needed insights - but we also identified other means for getting the facts to risk management the insurance and reinsurance sectors, juries and the public.  Only local organizing can effect the needed changes and protect people.  This must be locally generated and unite people, allowing them to take back control of their lives and communities.     

We are committed to helping the legal profession successfully litigate for their clients and making their clients whole.  If the firm representing you has contracted with us for consulting you should have access to the information through them as this is a condition we insist on for all of our litigation clients.  They should never ask you to be silent when asked to share your experiences.  

We are very aware, having watched how many attorneys operate, that they can be part of the problem. This is another problem our tools and local organizing can solve.  

EcoAlert is the only consulting firm which provides services directly to the public in this way. This is because we are committed to individual empowerment and helping individuals cut the cost of litigation and the time before there is a settlement or verdict.  

Making a living is necessary.  But our commitment is to justice and accountability, not profit. That is why we have done everything possible to lower the cost of getting essential information and training, as you see.  Eco-Emergency Alert is $4.00. Training online, with backup information emailed, is affordable for everyone.  If you want to donate to this work, do so, that helps.  But we did not want to be stopped by a lack of funds.  

Having this information assists individuals in calculating an amount for a fair settlement. Communities hit by an  oil disaster will be protected and able to heal.  (more is coming on remediation for land, water and air and healing for victims. Sign up to receive Updates)    

The calculation for damages provided comes with a time line showing the interest and additional costs for a settlement amount accruing.  We want every victim to have this kind of power in the courtroom.  

Other Services available include: 

           Animation for our modeling is provided by Jerry Day Productions. Jerry Day is an Emmy-winning director – producer whose precise and accurate work we found to be best suited to the conversion of our original material into a form which is most impactive on the lay viewer.  
                Rapid access to essential information for modeling the range and impact from toxic events. This is accomplished by our research team who possess in depth knowledge of the oil industry and have been further trained by David Lincoln, who possesses specialized knowledge of the industry from his over twenty year career in the oil business at all levels.  
             In depth background information for both the corporation and for the personnel whose decisions caused the existing issues.
                The techniques for evasion of liability used previously by this company or by the executives now working for the company.  
                Chemical analysis for the specific materials involved in the event and other occurrences when these chemicals were involved in toxic events.  
            Consultations with experienced medical experts on the toxic waste impacting the present victims.  
             Expert Witness testimony by David Lincoln. During his over twenty year career in the petroleum industry Lincoln worked for most of the major oil companies, leaving in 1996 while working directly for Ken Lay of Enron. His use of new approaches for making the events accessible to lay people have proven to be powerful tools in litigation. (see full CV).  

Also see our Four Point Plan for Justice and Transparency